Sadly, this is the second time within the space of a year that I’ve had to write a post like this. A year ago we lost our beautiful fur-baby Tilly to cancer, and now, less than 12 months later, we’ve had to say goodbye to our gorgeous girl Mabel, yet again to cancer. I am not going to write too much today, as I am finding it very difficult as it’s only been 2 weeks since we lost her, and I just keep getting too emotional.

For any of you who have lost a much beloved pet, you will understand how I feel. Mabel wasn’t just a dog, she was my family. She was my baby, my best friend and my constant, loving companion for the past 12 years. She came to work with me in two shops, one in Didsbury as a puppy, and my last one in Knutsford, where Tilly helped her out; she was there when my husband and I decorated our first home together; she watched us get married; seen us through lot of good times, and comforted us in the bad. She was incredibly funny and characterful, a bit bossy and loud-mouthed, she loved a good football match on telly, couldn’t get enough tummy rubs, had beautiful blonde eyelashes and a wonky ear that bobbed up and down on her walks. She was an incredible loving dog and loyal and faithful and everything you could want from a best friend. I can’t believe she has gone, and I’m not sure how my days look like without her in them. But I do know that I was blessed to have her in my life, to be able to love and adore her, and look after her, and make her feel loved and happy. She was such a special part of our lives, and my husband and I will miss her every single day of our lives. We love you so much Mabel.

Rest in peace my beautiful beautiful girl, and may you be running free with Tilly xxxxxxxxxxxx ( a kiss for every year she made my life better)