Hello, I’m Rebecca, and welcome to Carnival Of Colour, a place where I want to share all sorts of things that inspire me as an interior designer. Although slightly scared (I’m a blogging virgin!), I’m also really looking forward to sharing my projects, places to shop, people to watch, and my passion for colour and pattern with anyone interested enough and kind enough to read. As a self-taught decorator, I strongly believe that we all have the ability to express ourselves creatively through our homes, and design our very own haven which we can escape to with our friends and family, so although I will explore the latest trends at times, I believe you should decorate from the heart and inject your own personality into your surroundings. That way, your interior will be as unique as you are!

I embrace and admire so many different styles of decorating, but I think my own particular style is one of joy and homely comforts. I absolutely love using colour, and pattern-upon-pattern makes me do excited jigs of happiness inside; and I haven’t even gotten onto my obsession with antiques and all things vintage. I just like stuff. Lots of stuff. Lots of lovely stuff to look at. And if that stuff is covered in loads of gorgeous fabrics, even better. But my obsessions interests don’t just lie with aesthetics, so please forgive me when random posts about dogs, cats and all animals in general pop up; and when I’m waffling on about the beauty of nature and how it inspires my interior schemes. And I already know I might slip in a new veggie recipe here or there, as I explore my new way of eating. But whatever I share, I hope you can find something to enjoy alongside me.

These are exciting new times for me, as I have recently moved on from an interior design shop I had for five years, in order to set up my new interior design practice, Carnival Interiors, and launch this blog. My shop, which was called Aunty Mabel’s Seat, was an amazing adventure, but I am really looking forward to the freedom and creativity my new ventures will afford me. When I’m not working, I’m a wife to a very lovely and tolerant man who’s had to learn that life is never straight-forward (his word, not mine!) with me! We are proud parents to two daft dogs called Mabel and Tilly, and the most insane cat called Dotty, and I like to keep fit, dabble in a bit of yoga and meditation, and partake in the odd glass or two (oh, alright, bottle) of wine.

I love meeting new people, offering advise if I can, listening to personal stories, and helping out in any way I can, so if you would like to get in touch, for any reason, even if it’s just to say hi, please email me at: rebecca@carnivalofcolour.co.uk

If you would like to connect less formally, then my Twitter and Facebook links are on the homepage. It will be lovely to hear from you.

Life itself is a carnival and everything is colourful, so hop on my ride and let’s explore and celebrate it together.