Floral display in an open vintage tin box

I’ve been trying really hard recently to ensure I blog on a Monday and Friday, which is all I can realistically fit in around my work, but this week I didn’t get to post anything on Monday. Sorry about that. I was too busy travelling down to Hampshire to do a measure at a client’s and breaking down on the M40 because I stupidly ran out of fuel (I eventually got to my client’s after waiting for the recovery man on the hard shoulder for 90 minutes and paying £160 for the privilege!) *Massive red face* So, after ‘one of those weeks’, it’s good that it’s a short one and we’ve got the lovely long Easter weekend ahead of us. But I didn’t want to go a whole week without blogging, so I thought I’d squeeze a very quick one in today. And what better way to celebrate Easter, and spring in general, than exploring some really pretty ways to display all the lovely flowers that are beginning to fill our shops.

Along with scatter cushions, flowers are a must when it comes to decorating your rooms and making them feel homely, and I do love to have displays dotted about the place. However, I have to admit that I do tend to just unwrap the bouquet of flowers, shove them in a vase, fiddle with them ineffectively for five minutes, so that I feel like I’m ‘arranging’ them, and then just plonk them on the shelf. But after looking at all these lovely pictures of ever-so-pretty flower displays, that not only exude the freshness and joy of spring, but look relatively easy to do, I am feeling super inspired and have vowed to myself to make more of an effort with my displays this summer. No more shoving in a vase for me! More creativity is in order!

So, here are my top 6 picks of pretty, spring inspired floral displays to start our Easter weekend off with. I hope you like them, and I hope you all have a lovely long, relaxing weekend. You might even do some flower arranging?

1). Pop some flowers in a vintage tin box – soooo pretty, especially when placed on top of some books as well

Flower display in a vintage tin box

2). Single individual stems of flowers in a collection of vases, or even hanging bottles! Super effective and so easy to do

Single flower stems in a collection of vases

Single flower stems in hanging bottles

3). Very apt for Easter, place flowers in a selection of empty eggshells – love the pretty ribbon interweaving around the tulips

Tulips displayed in empty eggshells

4). Display a bunch of flowers in a large bowl, and all you need to do to achieve this is place a grid of masking tape over the top of the bowl and then pop your flowers in. Shimples. (Meerkat accent please)

Flower display in a large bowl

How to do a floral display using a bowl

5). Line some Mason jars with lemon slices. I LOVE this idea! How summery does it look?

Flowers displayed in a lemon lined Mason jar

6). And finally, if anyone ever told me to put some flowers in amongst my grapes, I’d probably give them a bit of Paddington stare, but who knew it would look so lovely?

Flowers displayed in amongst your grapes

Happy Easter everyone!!!